MADD Protecting You Protecting Me

The only elementary prevention curriculum that’s proven to increase children’s awareness of how underage alcohol use affects the brain.

This evidence-based, NREPP-recognized curriculum is a unique collaboration between MADD and Hazelden. It draws on the latest research to make understanding
brain development accessible and enjoyable beginning with first grade. Here’s what else makes PY/PM unique:

  • It focuses on the child and not on the substance.
  • It stresses the difference between how alcohol affects adults and how alcohol affects youth.
  • It begins early, before the onset of alcohol use.
  • As a universal prevention program, PY/PM is designed to reach large numbers of students, not just those at high risk for alcohol use.
  • The Lessons
    Eight lessons are repeated sequentially for each grade level. Content is reinforced from year to year as it parallels student cognitive and social development. The lessons include
  • Our Brain
  • Growth and Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Rules and Laws
  • Friends
  • Choices and Decisions
  • Media Awareness
  • Communications

The Research
Students who have received PY/PM show

  • a 51% increase in vehicle safety skills, such as refusing a ride with a driver who
    has been drinking
  • a 56% increase in knowledge of alcohol’s effects on brain development
  • a 9% increase in awareness of media messages about alcohol

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