Maze of Life

Chaves County Maze of Life – A Day in The Life Of An Offender
Chaves County DUI (Alcohol & Drugs) Awareness and Prevention

This is the outline of Chaves County DUI (Alcohol & Drugs) Awareness and Prevention Mazes of Life presentation.

  1. Come roll the dice to see where a DWI/DUI can take your life:
    30 second video -CRASH shown in co-operation NMDOT Monan Arnett Diane Taylor DWI Prevention Specialist
    Impaired driver
    Riding with impaired driver
    Making the right choice
  2. Sobriety test- Given by law enforcement
    Each kid is given a sobriety test, then arrested and handcuffs
  3. Judge; – in cooperation Judge Lou Mallion – Probation Officer Collette Lucero
    Goes before the judge to receive a sentence, or an Alternative sentence, or/and Probatio
  4. Marijuana; – in co-operation Patti Johnson DWI Counselor, Diane Taylor Prevention Specialist, Lucia Serrano DWI coordinator,
    Marijuana goggles & Obstacles course wearing goggles
    Marijuana like all other drugs prescription, illegal, or over the counter are considered mind altering drugs which when driving is by law a DUI, “DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE” and is against the law.