Corey Stevens

Corey Stevens at a young age lost his older brother Scott to a DWI Crash along with and another innocent person in the other vehicle. Riding in the car with brother was Scott’s best friend who suffered permanent brain damage. The driver of that DWI Crash was Corey’s brother.

As a young teenager who lived under his brothers cloud while looking for a direction and trying to find himself is when we met each other at Chaves County DWI Prevention program for high school students. Many of Corey’s friends were into the party scene and he wanted to fit in. Corey had another obstacle to overcome he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome. Knowing Corey’s situation I invited him to join Chaves County DWI Student Mentorship/Leadership Program to help us reach out to other kids his age and younger. He was an outstanding academic student, very talented in music, and with hidden leadership qualities.

Corey Stevens a student from Goddard High School began his journey as “Student Spokesperson” for the Chaves Counties DWI Prevention – Leadership Program. For the first time he was able to accept and address the preventable tragedy caused by his brother’s DWI Crash and loss of lives and do something  to prevent others from suffering the same pain! His passion was so intense that whenever he did public speaking to civic clubs, schools, Chaves County Commission meetings, 5th Judicial District DA and all its staff, City Council meetings, newspaper interviews, conferences, or filmed DWI prevention commercials, his Tourette’s seem to have disappear and he spoke eloquently and with such clarity.

Because of Corey Stevens unlocked leadership qualities he submitted his body of work and received the full 4 year New Mexico Leadership Institute Scholarship to New Mexico State University. As a sophomore he was elected to the NMSU Senate and advocated in the 2016 legislative sessions for NMSU and tougher DWI laws. Corey still suffers from Tourette syndrome but knows he has a voice and his voice will be heard.

We’re very proud of his success and how he was able to develop his hidden talent while lending his voice to the mission of saving lives by ENDWI. Attached you’ll find a poster of Corey’s body of work.  He is an example of how “Working Together We Do Make a Difference”!

Corey returns every break to help continue working with students and the community to bring awareness on the many preventable tragedies caused by DWI, texting, and prescription drugs while driving.